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let it all go at once

not piece by piece

erica dandie
5 October
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Like a whole bucket of stars, dumped into the universe

Hey! I'm Erica. Formerly the_evernight
25 - ♀ - OR - dyke - ratmom - survivor
I am never happy to be in one place too long. I love road trips, camping, travel, knitting, modge podge, ferns, and cute mammals. I live with my girlfriend and five rat bebes. I'm a social work student who has to take time off for money reasons, and I kind of regret not going for a degree that would let me work with animals; trying to be ok with it. Dealing with depression, anxiety, and bpd. Open-minded unless you're being oppressive. I'm a white cis queer and try my best to check my shit. I'm fat and into fat acceptance. I love paganism but I can't bring myself to wholeheartedly believe in a specific higher power beyond the ambiguous "universe". I'm trying to read more lately; I like everything from fantasy to old-lady mysteries, autobiographies of amazing women, travel memoirs, etc.
I try to walk a path in life where i can be earnest, sincere, open, and also aware, critical, analytical. I'm honestly pretty dorky and awkward, I just wait for folks who find it charming.
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