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February 2014



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I thought experiencing subzero temps for the first time ever would be like... So cold I couldn't fathom it, but instead it's just at a certain point I can't feel my face and that doesn't change. The only thing is that folks who live here aren't used to it being so cold. There's a huge homeless population and everyone I see seems to be managing but I can't shake the feeling people could freeze to death overnight. I also worry about all the feral cats etc. obviously to a lesser degree- I imagine cats are very good at seeking out shelter. Keeping my rats warm has been hard, even with putting lots of nesting materials in their cage and covering the cage with a blanket at night, and moving them into my bedroom (the main living area is so much colder than my bedroom and bathroom).

One of my rats, Pansy, actually has pneumonia :( the vet doesn't think it's from the cold, she suspects he's been sickly for longer than I've been able to tell. Today is day 3 on medications and improvement is there but slow-going. :( I worry he won't make it. He had lost his appetite and now it's back a bit, but he still doesn't have the same zest for food that all my healthy rats have (rats LOVE FOOD so much, basically they're tiny dogs). He seems to be anemic too, and his breathing was labored- now that's not so much, but he does still snuffle and wheeze and sound bad. I'm glad he can breathe easier though.

On a different and totally selfish note, the only coat I have that can keep me semi comfortable in this weather is hideous and has oil stains from when I had to work outdoors in winter with no provided outerwear, serving greasy food. I'm so embarrassed by it but I don't have money for a new coat so blah. I've tried thrifting one but coat selections at thrift stores are terrible, esp if you're plus sized. Blah