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February 2014



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I don't know how to get back into blogging here! So uh, let me just get going I guess.

Julie lost her job yesterday and it makes my tummy hurt and doesn't feel real. I'm kind of mad because it was pretty preventable, but I hope this is a wake up call to her to be more organized and on top of responsibilities. The job market here is HORRIBLE and I feel crappy about her having to put herself through that awful desperate process of job hunting in a place where jobs are few, and even fewer that aren't part time minimum wage. I've never been fired and had a hard time finding employment here, I can't imagine that would help.

I make enough money per month (about $1000) to pay for rent and utilities on my own, and that leaves about $250 for food and anything else (I have so been needing new shoes and a waterproof winter coat and that will be harder). I won't be able to save or pay off my debts though, and if either of us needs to see a doctor or I need to take a rat to the vet, that will suck. I don't like having no safety net. I suck at money and don't have any saved up (neither does Julie) and now I'm realizing how important that is... Perhaps this is a reality check for both of us.

I imagine what friends I added last time I blogged here have deleted me by now haha :( it's only fair.

Food stuff/baking disasters under the cut

What else?? I'm going to Julie's family's thanksgiving and wanted to make a dessert that wowed them. I'm a fairly decent baker, and settled on a maple cheesecake with broiled caramelized pears on top. I decided to make the cheesecake last night and do the pears Thursday in case they would get funky/liquidy hanging out on the cheesecake.

I've made baked cheesecake twice before, both times without a hitch. This time I used a highly rated recipe for maple syrup cheesecake, I didn't want to use the one I used before because a) I like experimenting and b) I didn't know how much the syrup would affect it if I used a recipe that didn't incorporate that.

I had a weird thing happen! After googling, it's not terribly weird for cheesecakes.

I don't know if I whipped too much air into the filling or what :( then it peeled off...

To reveal what looked to me like a soufflé cheesecake (the recipe called for 4 large eggs and I think it didn't need all that maybe), and it totally was still jiggly and not done! I baked it for a while longer (I discovered this a half hour in and it's supposed to take an hour), and it started to brown on top (not like this! But also I've never had a cheesecake get so brown and fluffy). I'm not sure if I should just hope it tastes good and is done and bring it to thanksgiving or just pretend it never happened lol. I don't want to disappoint Julie's family, I wanted to impress them a little. I guess maybe next time I won't do an entirely new recipe when I won't be able to really try it before everyone tries it D:



Sorry to hear about Julie's job. I was laid off the week before Thanksgiving. I have a lot of money saved, but it makes me feel really nervous, especially given the time of year.

Also, cook for me.